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Automatic Male Masturbator Cup

Automatic Male Masturbator Cup

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The open design makes it versatile and can be used for single or double play. The multi-functional free stretch, the particle friction stimulates your penis to make you enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, and it really acts on the nerve endings around the head. You can also use it as a shaft masturbation device. One end to give your partner a blowjob The inner sleeve is made of soft Silicone material, Q elastic soft silicone, the penis will not be hurt a little when using it, it will only bring you a different experience Male masturbator waterproof: Ipx7. It is recommended that you remove the silicone after use and rinse it under running water for easy cleaning. After washing and drying, you can put it back in the masturbator. The product adopts: USB charging cable for charging. The silicone lining of the aircraft cup adopts large particles to ensure that your penis is stimulated more strongly during the automatic retraction process. Use some lube and just slide your penis into it and let it blow your mind! Super Telescoping: 7 kinds of frequency modes You can switch its Telescoping modes according to your needs or posture. Decibel: less than 50dB, providing power for telescoping and friction functions. This means that only less than 50db of noise is produced. This allows you to enjoy your "my time" in a calm and quiet environment. Steps for usage ▲Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to enter the standby state Click to start the first telescopic mode, and then click to switch to the next mode (a total of 6 modes, cycle in turn) ▲In standby mode, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to shut down ▲Please fully charge the battery before use (the indicator light flashes during charging, and the fully charged indicator light stays on) ▲ Before use, please smear your penis with lubricant or add lubricant to the silicone of the product
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