12 Best Beginners Sex Toys to Gift

When looking for beginner-friendly sex toys from the store  https://sexand.toys/ to gift, it's important to consider ease of use, versatility, and comfort. Here's a curated list of options:

Bullet Vibrator:

A bullet vibrator is an excellent choice for beginners due to its small size, discreet design, and versatility. It's perfect for direct clitoral stimulation and is easy to use, making it a great introduction to sex toys for those new to exploring pleasure products.

Classic Vibrator

A classic vibrator is a straightforward and versatile option for beginners. Its phallic shape allows for both external and internal stimulation, making it a comfortable choice for individuals exploring solo pleasure or partnered intimacy for the first time. Easy to use and widely accessible, it's a great introduction to the world of sex toys.

Suction Stimulator

A suction stimulator is a fantastic beginner-friendly choice. It offers unique clitoral stimulation without direct contact, mimicking oral sex sensations. Its gentle suction can be incredibly pleasurable and is perfect for those new to exploring different types of sensations and experiences.

Couples' Vibrating Ring

A couples' vibrating ring is an ideal beginner's gift for partners. It's a stretchy ring that enhances intimacy by providing vibration, stimulating both partners during intercourse. Easy to use and offering shared pleasure, it introduces a playful element to partnered experiences.

Anal Plug

An anal plug is a gentle introduction to anal play for beginners. Designed for comfort and gradual exploration, it's a small, tapered toy perfect for those curious about exploring new sensations. With various sizes available, it allows individuals to start at their comfort level and gradually experiment. Remember, using plenty of lubrication and taking it slow are key for a positive experience.

Kegel Balls:

Kegel balls are fantastic for beginners as they serve a dual purpose: strengthening pelvic muscles and enhancing pleasure. These small weighted balls are easy to insert and can be used discreetly throughout the day for Kegel exercises. They're a thoughtful and practical gift for individuals looking to improve pelvic health while exploring new sensations.

Massage Candle

A massage candle is a multi-functional gift for beginners, doubling as both a candle and massage oil. It sets a romantic ambiance and, when melted, transforms into warm, soothing oil for sensual massages. It's an easy, sensual way to explore touch and intimacy together.

Silicone Dildo:

A silicone dildo is a versatile and body-safe option for beginners exploring penetrative pleasure. Its smooth texture and various sizes and shapes make it user-friendly and adaptable to individual comfort levels. Perfect for solo or partnered exploration, it offers a safe and comfortable introduction to penetrative experiences.


A blindfold is a simple yet thrilling gift for beginners exploring sensory play. It adds an element of surprise and anticipation, heightening other sensations and enhancing intimacy by focusing on touch, sound, and taste. Easy to use and versatile, it can spice up experiences without being intimidating.

Feather Tickler

A feather tickler is a playful and gentle option for beginners exploring sensory stimulation. It's non-intimidating, providing soft and teasing sensations that can heighten arousal and intimacy. Perfect for adding a touch of fun and anticipation to intimate moments without overwhelming sensations.

Lube Sampler Pack:

A lube sampler pack is a thoughtful and practical gift for beginners. It introduces different types of lubricants—water-based, silicone-based, etc.—allowing exploration to find what works best for comfort and pleasure. It enhances sensations, reduces friction, and ensures a more enjoyable experience with any chosen toy or intimate activity.

Waterproof Vibrating Wand:

A waterproof vibrating wand is a versatile and beginner-friendly choice. It offers powerful, customizable stimulation for both external and internal pleasure. Being waterproof adds the flexibility to explore in various settings, making it a great all-around option for solo or partnered play.

Tips for choosing

When selecting sex toys as gifts for beginners, consider these tips:

  1. Simplicity: Opt for uncomplicated toys with easy controls and straightforward functions to avoid overwhelming the recipient.

  2. Versatility: Choose toys that can be used in various ways or for different types of stimulation, providing a wider range of experiences.

  3. Body-Safe Materials: Prioritize toys made from body-safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic, or glass to ensure safety and comfort.

  4. Discretion: Consider the recipient's privacy and living situation; discreet or travel-friendly toys may be preferable.

  5. Preference: If possible, gauge their preferences or interests. Some might prefer clitoral stimulation, while others may be curious about penetrative toys.

  6. Educational Material: Include information about the toy's usage, care instructions, and any educational materials that might enhance their understanding.

  7. Communication: If it's for a partner, consider discussing their comfort level and desires to ensure the gift aligns with their interests.

  8. Beginner-Friendly Features: Look for toys explicitly marketed for beginners, often designed with user-friendly features and gentle functionalities.

Remember, the goal is to introduce pleasure in a comfortable and enjoyable way. Ultimately, choose toys that align with the recipient's comfort level, preferences, and potential curiosities about exploration.

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