What Are Thrusting Vibrators?

Thrusting vibrators are sex toys  designed to mimic the thrusting motion during intercourse. They typically feature a shaft that moves back and forth, providing a sensation similar to penetration. These toys from the store https://sexand.toys/ often combine vibration and thrusting actions to offer a more realistic and satisfying experience.

Thrusting vibrators come in various designs and functionalities:


Push vibrators, also known as thrusting or stroking vibrators, are designed to mimic the motion of penetration during sexual activity. They typically offer various functionalities and designs aimed at enhancing pleasure. Here are some common features:

  1. Thrusting or Stroking Motion: These vibrators feature a shaft that moves in and out, simulating the thrusting action experienced during intercourse. The movement aims to replicate the sensation of penetration.

  2. Adjustable Speed and Depth: Many push vibrators allow users to adjust the speed and depth of the thrusting motion. This customization offers flexibility, allowing users to find the rhythm and intensity that best suits their preferences.

  3. Vibration Functions: Often, push vibrators combine thrusting motion with vibration. These devices can have motors that produce both back-and-forth movement and vibrating sensations, providing a more comprehensive stimulation experience.

  4. G-spot or Prostate Targeting: Some push vibrators are specifically designed to target the G-spot in individuals with vaginas or the prostate in individuals with penises. These designs focus on precise stimulation for enhanced pleasure.

  5. Different Modes and Patterns: They may come with various modes and patterns, such as pulsating, escalating, or different rhythms, to offer diverse sensations and intensities.

  6. Remote Control or App Connectivity: Some push vibrators come with remote controls, allowing partners to take control of the device during play. Others are app-enabled, offering long-distance control or interactive features for enhanced experiences.

Push vibrators are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to various preferences. Before using any sex toy, it's crucial to read the instructions, ensure proper cleaning and maintenance, and use lubrication compatible with the toy's material for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Push or thrusting vibrators often combine vibration with their thrusting or stroking functionalities, offering diverse designs and functionalities to enhance pleasure. Here are some variations in design and functionality commonly found in these vibrators:

  1. Dual Action: Many push vibrators provide both thrusting and vibration functions simultaneously. This dual action aims to stimulate internal erogenous zones with thrusting motions while providing external stimulation through vibrations, often targeting the clitoris or perineum.

  2. Adjustable Speed and Patterns: These vibrators offer adjustable thrusting speeds and various vibration patterns. Users can customize the intensity, depth, and rhythm of both functions to match their desired sensations.

  3. G-spot or Prostate Targeting: Some push vibrators are anatomically curved or shaped to specifically target the G-spot in individuals with vaginas or the prostate in individuals with penises. These designs aim to provide precise stimulation to these sensitive areas.

  4. Texture and Surface: Vibrators may have textured surfaces or additional features like ridges, bumps, or curves designed to enhance stimulation and pleasure during penetration.

  5. Silicone or Body-Safe Materials: High-quality push vibrators are often made from body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone, ensuring safety and comfort during use.

  6. Waterproof or Splashproof: Some models are designed to be waterproof or splashproof, allowing for convenient cleaning and making them suitable for use in the shower or bath.

  7. Remote Control or App Connectivity: Advanced models may include remote controls for hands-free operation or app connectivity, enabling long-distance control or interactive features for solo or partnered play.

When selecting a push vibrator, consider factors such as material quality, functionality, shape, and intended use. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper use, maintenance, and cleaning to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Different Modes

Push vibrators often offer various modes to cater to diverse preferences and intensify the pleasure experienced during use. Here are some common modes found in these vibrators:

  1. Constant Speed Mode: This mode maintains a consistent thrusting or stroking speed throughout the session, offering a steady and predictable sensation for users who prefer a continuous rhythm.

  2. Pulsation Mode: In this mode, the vibrator alternates between slow and fast thrusts or strokes, creating a pulsating sensation. It mimics the feeling of varied intensities and can provide a teasing or escalating experience.

  3. Escalation Mode: Escalation modes start with gentle thrusts or strokes and gradually increase in speed or depth over time. This gradual escalation aims to build anticipation and arousal, leading to a more intense climax.

  4. Random Mode: This mode offers unpredictable patterns of thrusting or stroking motions, varying in speed, depth, and rhythm at irregular intervals. It aims to surprise and keep users engaged with unexpected sensations.

  5. Combination Modes: Some push vibrators provide combinations of different modes, allowing users to switch between pulsation, escalation, or random patterns during use. This versatility offers diverse experiences in a single session.

  6. Customizable Modes: Advanced models may feature customizable modes, enabling users to create their own patterns or sequences of thrusting and vibration to suit their preferences.

These modes aim to provide a range of sensations and intensities, catering to individual preferences for a more tailored and enjoyable experience. When selecting a push vibrator with multiple modes, consider exploring and experimenting to discover which modes align best with your desired sensations and pleasure preferences.

Shapes and Sizes:

Push or thrusting vibrators come in various shapes and sizes, each designed to offer unique sensations and target different erogenous zones. Here are some common shapes and designs found in these vibrators:

  1. Straight Shaft: Straight-shafted push vibrators have a smooth and uniform shape, ideal for individuals seeking even and consistent penetration. They're versatile and suitable for various users.

  2. Curved or Angled Shaft: Some push vibrators feature a curved or angled shaft, specifically designed to target the G-spot in individuals with vaginas or the prostate in individuals with penises. This design aims to provide precise stimulation to these sensitive areas.

  3. Bulbous Head: Vibrators with a bulbous or enlarged head aim to enhance the sensation upon insertion. They can offer a fuller feeling upon penetration and stimulate specific areas within the vaginal or anal canal.

  4. Ribbed or Textured Surface: Certain push vibrators have textured surfaces, including ridges, bumps, or grooves along the shaft. These textures can provide additional stimulation and heightened pleasure during use.

  5. Slim and Petite: Some push vibrators are designed with a slimmer or petite profile, suitable for users who prefer a more subtle and less intimidating size. These are often beginner-friendly options.

  6. Realistic Design: For those seeking a more lifelike experience, there are push vibrators designed to resemble the shape and appearance of a penis. These can include realistic textures, veins, and details for a more authentic sensation.

  7. Ergonomic Handles or Bases: Many push vibrators feature ergonomic handles or bases for comfortable grip and control during use. Some have suction cup bases for hands-free play on smooth surfaces.

The variety in shapes and sizes allows users to find a push vibrator that caters to their individual preferences, whether it's targeted G-spot or prostate stimulation, fuller sensations, or beginner-friendly designs. Consider personal preferences, intended use, and comfort levels when choosing a push vibrator based on its shape and size.

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