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It is important to us that you have peace of mind in choosing the right product(s) for you.  If for some reason your purchase isn’t the right fit for your desires, we’d like to help remedy that. We’ve created our return policies and procedures to insure that our customers receive quality adult products in a simple, discreet, and stress-free manner.

I don’t like what I bought, how do I do an exchange?

Please contact us immediately to let us know!

Please do not use the product if you want to exchange it, leave it in the original packaging and don’t open it. In terms of section 20(3)(a) of the CPA, the consumer has no right of return if, for reasons of public health, a public regulation prohibits the return of those goods.

Within 3 days of your purchase date, you may choose another item of the same value from our online store for an exchange. We will not issue any store credit or refunds for any difference in pricing. Please note for security reasons we do not refund in cash, do reversals on cards or bank payments.

You must ship the exchange product to us inside the original product packaging. Loose products, used products, products that has been opened or products without the original packaging will not be accepted.

All exchanges within 3 days of the date of purchase are subject to standard shipping fees.

What do you do with the product I sent back for an exchange?

Every exchanged product that is sent back to us is carefully and safely disposed of. We have no exceptions for this process. Once a product leaves our warehouse, we will not restock it in our warehouse to be re-sold. We don’t take any chances with cleaning or resale. Everything sent back to us is disposed.

What types of products are not eligible for exchange?

We will not accept loose products in a mailing bag or box, products without their original packaging, used products and products that has been opened. In terms of section 20(3)(a) of the CPA, the consumer has no right of return if, for reasons of public health, a public regulation prohibits the return of those goods.

For the health, safety and peace of mind of our customers – and because of the intimate nature of the products we sell – refunds or exchanges are only applicable if there is a defect in the product. Please test products / do not use them within three days of arrival. There are no returns or exchanges on used items.

Please see the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) with reference to Section 20 “ Consumer’s right to return goods”

This means that products* designed to come into contact with any body part or body fluid is non-returnable and non-resalable: This includes all adult products and accessories on this website and in store.

Please note: Once these products leave the warehouse, they are considered used and therefore cannot be returned.

We do not have pre-paid shipping labels for the return of your defective item. Please ship with the cheapest and easiest method for you.

Break damage and water damage is not covered with this warranty. The products and parts are to be properly maintained in accordance with the recommended maintenance procedure and have not been subjected to any misuse, unauthorized
repair, replacement, modification or alteration to be conditionally accepted or accepted for warranty.

I want a refund, what is your policy on that?

Please understand that the types of products we sell are very personal. We simply will not take the risk of restocking anything sent back to us. Because of this, we do not offer refunds for any reason. We do offer exchanges within 3 days of your order date, so you are not stuck with product(s) you do not want. Just make sure you have the original packaging and the item was not opened or used.

Once again, when any product leaves our warehouse is considered used (because of the intimate nature of the products), we will not restock it in our warehouse to be re-sold. We don’t take any chances with cleaning or resale, everything sent back to us is safely disposed of.

We do provide exchanges for products within 3 days of the purchase date. You may choose another item from our online store of the same price for an exchange, as long as you ship the item back to us in the original product packaging. Do not open or use it.

Due to the nature of our intimate items after 3 days of the purchase date, the option for exchange is no longer available for both hygiene and security reasons.

I have not received a product that I ordered?

Please contact us and complete a complaint document. If the item you ordered was not send due do neglect or for the reason it was sold out we will give you a full store credit refund. Please note for security reasons we do not refund in cash, do reversals on cards or bank payments.

For your peace of mind we import trustworthy products of the highest quality and safety for wide base of clients, and we strive to find the best choices when it comes to selecting new products, adult toys and accessories. To achieve this aim, all suppliers, manufacturers and products are meticulously screened, investigated and chosen.

Our company’s prime resources are utilised to investigate international suppliers and their selection criteria. Our product evaluation is of the highest grade and we only approve suppliers and manufacturers that pass certification; this process incorporates product assessment, on-sight inspections and quality quantitative assessment.

Other requirements for manufactures and suppliers include – but are not limited to -the registration of establishment; the listing of products; manufacturing in accordance with the quality system regulations; and reporting of adverse events where applicable. The purpose of supplier evaluation is to ensure our portfolio incorporates only the best in class products available for use globally; this ensures that our clients receive the best value for money.

Our manufacturers are ask to do after production: Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI) and At Time of Container Loading: Loading Inspections (LI).

The checks are performed to help verify whether the products meet your quality requirements, are in compliance with regulations, and meet any relevant product safety standards.

In South Africa we again do quality control checks pre-shipments to ensure shipments do not fall short of your standards.

As our Mission Statement explains, “We are here to discreetly and professionally ship quality adult products to anyone that may be too shy to purchase in person. We provide sexual education, quality products, and helpful customer service in a safe and judgement-free space while maintaining your privacy. Our goal is to enhance the sex life of every patron, one package at a time.”  Our Return Policy is in place to offer you the best Incognito black Online Sex Shop has to offer, even if your first delivery isn’t quite what you expected!  If you have any questions regarding our Return Policy, please contact us for more information.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.

If the parcel is packed/ or processed/ or in our warehouse you can return the products for a store credit voucher. We will charge a 15% handling fee or a minimum of R149 whichever is greater.

If the parcel was dispatched with a third party to be delivered but the bag was not opened and you want to return it, we will charge you a handling fee as above and shipping money’s is non refundable.

The warranty set forth above is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Incognito black be liable for any incedental or consequential damages with respect to the product s delivered here under or subsequent use thereof.

Incognito black reserves the right to change our policies at any time, with or without notice due to health and safety measures– and because of the intimate nature of our products.