5 Surprising Sex Toy Mistakes You Might Be Making

When buying in a store https://sexand.toys/  here are five surprising sex toy mistakes people might unknowingly make

Not Cleaning Properly:

A surprising mistake related to inadequate cleaning of sex toys is assuming that a quick rinse or using only water is sufficient for cleanliness. Some people might not realize that certain sex toy materials are porous, meaning they can absorb fluids and bacteria, even if they seem smooth.

Here are a few scenarios where improper cleaning might occur unknowingly:

  1. Assuming Toys Are Self-Cleaning: Some individuals might assume that a toy being waterproof means it's self-cleaning. They might only rinse the toy with water or wipe it down quickly without using an appropriate cleaning solution.

  2. Using Incompatible Cleaners: Another mistake is using harsh or incompatible cleaning products. For instance, using a cleaner not recommended for a specific toy's material can damage the surface or leave residue that might cause irritation.

  3. Neglecting Hidden Areas: Some sex toys have intricate designs or hidden crevices where bodily fluids or lubricants can accumulate. Neglecting to thoroughly clean these hidden areas can lead to bacterial growth.

  4. Sharing Toys Without Proper Cleaning: Sharing sex toys without adequate cleaning between uses can pose health risks. Not everyone realizes the importance of cleaning toys thoroughly before passing them on to another person, even if it's a partner.

  5. Ignoring Manufacturer Instructions: Overlooking or disregarding the manufacturer's cleaning instructions is a common mistake. Different toys may require specific cleaning methods, and not following these guidelines can lead to ineffective cleaning or damage to the toy.

These misunderstandings or oversights in cleaning practices might unknowingly compromise hygiene, leading to potential risks of infections or irritation. It's essential to thoroughly clean sex toys before and after each use using appropriate cleaning methods and solutions to maintain both cleanliness and safety.

Ignoring Batteries or Charging: 

An unexpected mistake related to batteries or charging in sex toys can stem from overlooking the need to properly maintain the power source. Here are some ways this might happen unknowingly:

  1. Forgetting to Recharge: In the midst of excitement or after use, individuals might forget to recharge their rechargeable sex toys. This oversight can lead to disappointment or interruptions during intimate moments when the toy suddenly loses power.

  2. Not Checking Battery Levels: Battery-operated toys might not give clear indications of battery levels or might lack warning signs when the power is running low. As a result, users might not anticipate when the batteries are about to die.

  3. Assuming Full Charge: Plugging in a toy for a short time and assuming it's fully charged can lead to surprises. Some toys might take longer to charge fully, and assuming they're ready after a brief charge might result in premature power loss.

  4. Old or Expired Batteries: Using old or expired batteries without realizing their reduced capacity can cause toys to lose power quickly or perform poorly, leading to frustration during use.

  5. Not Having Backup Batteries: Not keeping spare batteries on hand for battery-operated toys can be a surprising oversight. When the batteries run out, having no replacements available can interrupt the experience.

  6. Ignoring Charging Instructions: Some sex toys require specific charging instructions, such as using only the provided charger or ensuring the toy is turned off during charging. Ignoring these guidelines might affect the toy's battery life or functionality.

These oversights regarding batteries or charging might unexpectedly disrupt the use of sex toys, leading to interruptions or disappointment during intimate moments. Being mindful of charging times, battery condition, and following manufacturer instructions can help ensure uninterrupted and enjoyable experiences with sex toys.

Using the Wrong Lubricant:

A surprising mistake regarding lubricants with sex toys can occur when individuals unknowingly use the wrong type of lubricant for a particular toy or material. Here's how it might happen:

  1. Assuming All Lubricants Are Interchangeable: Some people might assume that all lubricants work well with any sex toy. They may not realize that certain lubricants are incompatible with specific toy materials, leading to potential damage.

  2. Using Silicone Lubricants with Silicone Toys: Silicone-based lubricants can interact negatively with silicone-based sex toys, causing the surface of the toy to degrade or become tacky. This can compromise the texture and quality of the toy over time.

  3. Overlooking Water-Based Lubricants: Water-based lubricants are generally safe for use with most sex toy materials. However, individuals might overlook this option and opt for oil-based or silicone-based lubricants without considering potential compatibility issues.

  4. Not Reading Product Information: Sometimes, users might overlook or not thoroughly read the product information provided with the sex toy. The information regarding compatible lubricants is often included in the packaging or user manual.

  5. Assuming All Lubricants Are Safe: Individuals may not be aware that certain lubricants can contain ingredients that might cause irritation or damage to specific toy materials, especially if they have allergies or sensitivities.

  6. Mixing Lubricants Incorrectly: Some people might mix different types of lubricants, assuming it would enhance their experience. However, mixing incompatible lubricants could cause chemical reactions or changes in texture that affect the toy's surface or functionality.

These oversights in lubricant selection might unknowingly lead to potential damage to sex toys, affecting their quality, texture, and lifespan. It's crucial to check the manufacturer's recommendations and use the appropriate type of lubricant that's compatible with the material of the sex toy to ensure both a pleasurable experience and the longevity of the toy.

Storing Improperly:

Improperly storing sex toys is a surprising mistake that people might make unknowingly. Here's how it can happen:

  1. Storing Without Cleaning: After use, some individuals might not clean their sex toys before storing them. Residue or moisture left on the toy can lead to mold, mildew, or bacterial growth, especially if stored in a sealed or humid environment.

  2. Exposure to Sunlight: Placing sex toys in direct sunlight for prolonged periods can damage certain materials. UV rays can cause degradation or discoloration of toy surfaces, reducing their quality and lifespan.

  3. Improper Temperature: Extreme temperatures—both heat and cold—can negatively affect sex toys. Storing toys in places prone to temperature extremes, such as near heaters, in hot cars, or in freezing conditions, can cause damage to the material or compromise their integrity.

  4. Contact with Other Toys: Storing sex toys together without proper separation can lead to material reactions. Different toy materials might interact, causing degradation, melting, or surface damage. It's crucial to store toys separately or ensure they're made from compatible materials.

  5. Not Using Storage Bags/Cases: Some sex toys come with storage bags or cases provided by the manufacturer. Not utilizing these storage solutions might leave toys susceptible to dust, lint, or damage from being tossed in with other items.

  6. Hidden or Inaccessible Storage: Storing toys in hard-to-reach or forgotten places can lead to neglect or improper care. Toys stored in drawers, under the bed, or in closed containers might be overlooked and not cleaned or maintained regularly.

  7. Ignoring Manufacturer Recommendations: Manufacturers often provide guidance on how to store their specific products. Ignoring these recommendations, such as leaving toys in their original packaging or using specific storage containers, can lead to unexpected damage or degradation.

These unsuspecting storage mistakes can impact the quality and lifespan of sex toys. Properly cleaning, storing in appropriate conditions, and following manufacturer recommendations are crucial to maintaining the toys' hygiene and integrity for safe and enjoyable use.

Skipping the User Manual:

Skipping the user manual or instructions that come with sex toys is a common but surprising mistake that can lead to various issues:

  1. Incomplete Understanding: By skipping the manual, users might miss crucial information about the toy's features, settings, or functionalities. This lack of understanding can limit their ability to fully enjoy or utilize the toy.

  2. Improper Usage: Without reading the instructions, users might not know how to properly operate the toy, leading to potential misuse or inability to access certain features. This can affect the overall experience and pleasure derived from the toy.

  3. Cleaning and Maintenance Guidance: User manuals often contain specific cleaning and maintenance instructions tailored to the toy's material and design. Skipping these instructions might result in improper cleaning, leading to hygiene issues or damage to the toy.

  4. Safety Precautions: Manuals typically include safety precautions, such as warnings about certain materials, temperature limitations, or guidelines for safe use. Ignoring these warnings can lead to discomfort, injury, or damage to the toy.

  5. Warranty Information: Manuals often contain details about warranties, return policies, or guidelines for addressing issues with the toy. Skipping this information might result in missed opportunities for warranty claims or support if the toy malfunctions.

  6. Battery or Charging Guidelines: Many sex toys come with specific instructions for battery use, charging times, or power sources. Skipping these guidelines could lead to improper charging, affecting the toy's performance or battery life.

  7. Compatibility Issues: Manuals may provide information about compatible lubricants or accessories that work well with the toy. Ignoring this information might lead to using incompatible products that could damage the toy.

By skipping the user manual, individuals might unintentionally compromise their experience with the sex toy, risking damage to the toy itself, discomfort during use, or missing out on key features designed to enhance pleasure and safety. Taking the time to read and understand the user manual is crucial for maximizing the enjoyment and longevity of sex toys.

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