Sex Doll 160cm Full Body review

Sex dolls 160cm Full Body from the store can come with a variety of features, and these can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific model. Here are some common features:


The choice of material for sex dolls can significantly impact their appearance, feel, durability, and price. Here are some common materials used in manufacturing sex dolls:

  1. Silicone:

    • Advantages: Silicone is known for its durability, heat retention, and realistic texture. It feels close to human skin and is resistant to tearing or damage.
    • Considerations: It tends to be more expensive and heavier compared to other materials.
  2. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer):

    • Advantages: TPE is soft, flexible, and often more affordable than silicone. It can provide a lifelike feel and is lighter in weight.
    • Considerations: It may be less resistant to tearing or damage compared to silicone and might require more maintenance.
  3. Cyberskin or other proprietary materials:

    • Advantages: Some manufacturers use specific proprietary materials designed to mimic human skin closely, offering a very realistic feel.
    • Considerations: The quality and durability might vary based on the specific material used.
  4. Hybrid Materials:

    • Advantages: Some dolls combine silicone or TPE with other materials to create a blend that offers specific benefits, such as increased durability or a more realistic touch.
    • Considerations: The properties can vary based on the blend and might have specific care requirements.

When selecting a sex doll based on material, it's essential to consider factors like realism, maintenance, price, and personal preferences regarding texture and feel. Additionally, ensure that the material used is body-safe and non-toxic for health and safety reasons.


Customization options for sex dolls can vary widely based on the manufacturer and the specific model. Here are some common aspects that are often customizable:

  1. Physical Appearance:

    • Hair: Some dolls allow you to choose hair color, length, and style. Options might include blonde, brunette, red, curly, straight, etc.
    • Eyes: Customizable eye color is a common feature, ranging from blue, brown, green, to other shades.
    • Facial Features: While not as extensively customizable as hair and eyes, some manufacturers offer limited choices for facial features such as freckles, makeup, or different expressions.
  2. Body Shape and Size:

    • Height: Dolls can come in various heights, allowing some level of customization.
    • Body Type: Some manufacturers offer options for body type, allowing you to choose from slim, curvy, athletic, etc.
  3. Accessories:

    • Clothing and Lingerie: Some companies offer the option to select specific outfits or lingerie for the doll.
    • Additional Features: Certain accessories like wigs, different hands (with varying gestures), or additional head options might also be available.
  4. Internal Features (Optional):

    • Removable/Varying Inserts: Some dolls offer interchangeable or removable inserts for the vaginal, anal, and oral orifices to provide different sensations or ease of cleaning.

Customization options can significantly impact the final appearance and feel of the doll. It's important to thoroughly explore the options provided by the manufacturer and ensure that the desired customization aligns with personal preferences before making a purchase.

Skeleton and Joints: 

The skeleton and joints of a sex doll are critical features that enable posing, movement, and stability. Here's more detail about these aspects:

  1. Skeleton:

    • Most high-quality sex dolls have a skeleton made from materials like stainless steel or other durable metals.
    • The skeleton provides structural support and allows the doll to maintain various poses. It's designed to mimic human range of motion to a certain extent, enabling a more realistic experience during intimate interactions or posing for display.
    • The skeleton is typically articulated with movable joints at key points, including the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.
  2. Joints:

    • The joints in a sex doll are crucial for flexibility and mobility. They are engineered to allow for movement without compromising the doll's stability.
    • Some dolls have joints that can be adjusted or tightened to retain specific positions, while others have a more fixed range of motion.

These features in the skeleton and joints contribute to the doll's ability to be positioned in various poses, enhancing the realism and versatility of interactions with the doll. When considering these features, it's important to look for sturdy construction and high-quality materials to ensure durability and ease of use.

Heating Elements:

Some high-end sex dolls come equipped with heating elements designed to simulate body warmth, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Here's how heating elements function as a feature in sex dolls:

  1. Temperature Simulation:

    • Heating elements are integrated into the doll's body to provide warmth, creating a more lifelike sensation during intimate moments.
    • These elements can be strategically placed in specific areas of the doll, such as the chest, abdomen, or pelvic region, to mimic the natural warmth of a human body.
  2. Adjustable Settings:

    • Some models may offer adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to control the level of warmth according to personal preference.
    • This feature can enhance the realism of the experience and make the interaction with the doll more immersive.
  3. Power Source:

    • Heating elements in sex dolls typically require a power source, often through rechargeable batteries or a plug-in system. These power sources are usually discreetly located and easy to manage.

The inclusion of heating elements in sex dolls aims to provide a more realistic and immersive encounter by replicating the warmth of a human body. However, not all sex dolls come with this feature, and it's more commonly found in higher-end models. Users interested in this aspect should specifically look for models that advertise heating elements as part of their design.


Orifices are one of the key features of sex dolls, as they mimic human anatomy and provide the main points of intimate interaction. Here are the common aspects related to orifices in sex dolls:

  1. Vaginal Orifice:

    • The vaginal orifice is designed to replicate the appearance and sensation of a female genitalia. It's often textured and anatomically detailed for a realistic experience.
    • Materials used for this orifice are typically soft and flexible, like TPE or silicone, to offer a lifelike feel.
  2. Anal Orifice:

    • The anal orifice is another feature in sex dolls, designed to simulate the appearance and feel of the human anus. It may have different textures to mimic realistic sensations.
    • Like the vaginal orifice, the material used is usually soft and pliable to simulate the desired experience.
  3. Oral Orifice:

    • Some sex dolls come with an oral orifice for simulated oral interactions. This orifice may have features like a tongue or teeth detailing for added realism.
    • Oral orifices are often designed with a more flexible material to allow for a more varied range of movements.

Manufacturers aim to make these orifices as realistic as possible to enhance the user experience. They often pay attention to detail, such as texture, anatomy, and flexibility, to create a more lifelike encounter. It's crucial to consider hygiene and cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the doll's cleanliness and durability.

Internal Structure:


The internal structure of a sex doll refers to the construction and design inside the body of the doll, particularly concerning the internal textures and features that enhance the tactile experience. Here are some aspects related to the internal structure:

  1. Texturing and Ribbing:

    • Manufacturers often design the internal structure of sex dolls with various textures and ribbing patterns to simulate the sensations experienced during intimate interactions.
    • These textures can enhance stimulation and provide a more realistic feel during use.
  2. Material Density:

    • The internal structure might vary in material density to create a more lifelike sensation. For example, some parts may be softer or more yielding while others are firmer.
  3. Anatomical Detailing:

    • The internal structure may be designed to replicate anatomical features, such as the vaginal or anal canal, to closely resemble human anatomy.
  4. Depth and Size:

    • Manufacturers often ensure that the depth and size of the internal structure mimic realistic dimensions to provide a more authentic experience.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations:

    • Some designs prioritize ease of cleaning by ensuring accessible internal structures or providing removable inserts for thorough cleaning.

The internal structure contributes significantly to the overall sensation and realism of the experience with the sex doll. Manufacturers focus on creating designs that enhance user experience while also considering factors like hygiene and durability. Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential to preserve the quality and longevity of the internal structure.

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