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IPX7 Tongue Design 7 Sucking 7 Rotating Male Masturbator

IPX7 Tongue Design 7 Sucking 7 Rotating Male Masturbator

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  • Experience 3-in-1 Pleasure: Suction, Rotation, Licking for Ultimate Satisfaction!
  • Indulge in powerful suction for intense pleasure with our 7-frequency vacuum pump
  • Unlock the power of combined pleasure - 7-frequency rotation and tantalizing simulated tongue massage
  • Immerse in pleasure with IPX7 waterproof design for easy cleaning and fully satisfying water massages
  • Discover the power of our 3D soft sleeve, elevating your pleasure with genuine feelings

Looking for your next bathroom thrill? If so, you're in luck because we're about to round up the best male masturbators you need.  

Visually, this device has a sleek look and a fresh summer style that will refresh your vision; After a long day's work, want to soothe fatigue, or add some cold water to train your sexual skills, it can help you reduce sensitivity.  

Ordinary automatic strokers don't even work in water, but with this advanced toy, you've got it all. This is a cost-effective masturbator that can be used as a masturbation cup as well as a penis pump.  

7 Sucking and water bath modes, plus 360° rotation, like a deep-sea swirling sensation of stimulation, this rhythmic squeeze-back toy stimulates the nerve endings of your penis, increasing the sensation of sexual intercourse.  

We can use the toy as a masturbation cup or as an enlargement device, which can be used as a masturbator. Also have to mention its licking tongue that for the ultimate in oral sex sensation!    



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