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Massage low temperature candle for games

Massage low temperature candle for games

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Massage low temperature candle for games What is the beauty of playing with wax Playing with wax is a unique experience. First, there is a feeling of warmth, which can be both pleasant and painful. As the wax hardens, the sensations also change. In addition, the wax is heated differently each time, and each drop is a surprise to the partner. You can also use ice in this game, in which case your partner will alternately feel warm and cold, which is also unique. Feelings also depend on how high you hold the candle. The further away the candle is, the colder the falling wax will be.   What is the difference We offer candles made using a special technology. Their feature is that the wax is not too hot during melting, which allows you to play with your partner more comfortably, without fear of burning or damaging the skin. The wax dripping from the candle warms the skin pleasantly without causing any discomfort and, at the same time, is very easy to remove afterwards. Add variety to your life with your partner, make it brighter and more interesting!
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